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Assault is almost always an extremely serious criminal charge in Washington State. Many cases are complicated. We'll make sure your side is heard.

A crime of violence can scar your criminal record and impact both your present as well as your future. You could lose your current job and it will prevent you from getting employed in a lot of professions. It can also impact your ability to travel to other countries. We understand there are always two sides to a coin. It is important that that you have an experienced assault attorney in your corner.

We handle all Kent Municipal Court assault case and all King County District Court assault cases.  If you are being charged in one of these courts, you are being charged with one or more felonies.  If your cases involves allegations that end up being charged as a felony, you will be ordered to appear for your arraignment in one of two courts, but most like the Superior Court at the Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center.

There are four different degrees of Assault, with 1° being the most serious and 4° being the least. The differences between the four degrees depend on several different factors, including the level of harm or potential harm caused, whether weapons were used, and who was the victim. 1° through 3 ° are felonies which mean the penalties can be over a year in length.

Felonies are handled by Superior courts, which are located in King County in Seattle and at the Kent Regional Justice Center. Assault 4° is a gross misdemeanor which means the maximum penalty is 364 days in jail and $5,000 fine. The Kent Municipal Court and other Municipal courts and District courts can handle this type of charge.