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Allegations of domestic violence are often complicated. Our job is protect you and your legal interests. Call now for a free case evaluation.

A Domestic Violence (DV) charge is more than simply an assault between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. Any charge where the perpetrator and the victim have a domestic relationship can receive a “DV” designation. This would include boyfriend and boyfriend, ex-wife and ex-boyfriend, mother and son, grandfather and step-daughter, amongst many others.

An example could be an ex-girlfriend being charged with DV malicious mischief after keying the car of her ex-boyfriend.

Whether it is DV assault or DV harassment, there are serious additional repercussions due to the DV designation. In addition to fines, jail, probation, and no contact orders, you will also lose your rights to firearms and can be required to attend domestic violence treatment. With consequences this serious, it is important that you take these charges seriously.

You need an experienced attorney to represent you and tell your side of the story. Whether you made a mistake or the officer did, our domestic violence attorneys are here to help you deal with your charges.