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You have important legal rights.  We'll help you use them.

A DUI conviction means jail and a suspended license.

Being arrested for DUI is NOT a conviction!

Our drunk driving lawyers can help.

DUI is a serious criminal charge in Washington State. 

A conviction means jail and a suspended license. We know how to attack drunk driving cases.

You only need to turn on the nightly news to see the emphasis on DUI arrests and prosecutions in Washington State.  Don't get run over by the state.  Our Kent DUI lawyers are experienced and aggressive drunk driving attorneys.  We have decades of combined experience handling hundreds of difficult and complex Washington State DUI cases.

A Driving under the influence charge in the State of Washington is a very serious criminal charge that can impact not only your present life but also your future.

A DUI arrest is also one of the more complicated legal situations an individual can face, including multiple deadlines, criminal hearings, Department of Licensing hearings, license suspension, drug and alcohol classes, ignition interlocks, etc.

When having to juggle so many different items, it is important to have an attorney who is well versed in the area and can answer your questions.

Once arrested for a DUI, you are actually facing two separate cases.  The first case is the DOL administrative hearing.  Your license will be scheduled to be suspended by the DOL unless you request a hearing.

That request must be made within 20 days from the date of arrest.  If you fail to respond in a timely manner, you will lose your right to that hearing.  The DOL hearing is separate from the criminal case, which is the second case you most likely will have to face in the Kent Municipal Court or other local court.

A DUI is considered a gross misdemeanor, which means the maximum penalty is 354 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.  Additionally, it comes with mandatory punishments that the Judge must impose upon you depending on a few factors, including:

  • Your past criminal history
  • The level of your blood alcohol content
  • Whether you refused a breath test or blood
  • Whether you had passengers under 16 years old
  • Whether you are under 21 & 18 years old
  • Whether you have a commercial drivers license

Our drunk driving attorneys are here to guide you through this difficult and confusing period in your life.  Give us a call for a free consultation so we can begin answering the questions you have.