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Getting an MIP is always a bummer. But you need to take it seriously. Any criminal conviction when apply for your next job could be a big problem.

While many people do not consider underage drinking to be a big deal, the State of Washington thinks it is and treats it as such. You can also be charged with an MIP when drugs are involved, like marijuana. An MIP is a gross misdemeanor which means the maximum penalty is 354 days in jail and $5,000. An MIP charge can also result in a license suspension – even if you do not get convicted!

Often, an MIP is the first experience a young person has with the criminal justice system. It can be quite frightening. The Law Offices of Jason Newcombe understand the stress that this criminal charge will have on you. We know you may be graduating high school or college soon and are concerned that this criminal charge may impact the rest of your life. We are here and available to provide you with a free consultation to discuss the case and your future.

In some instances, an MIP might be confusing because you were not caught actually in possession of alcohol. However, the State’s definition of “possession” is a little more loose than a normal person’s. Just having the odor of alcohol coming from your mouth or being near a beer bottle (with or without beer in it) may be enough for a charge.

We understand this will be stressful for both you and often your parents. We are more than happy to discuss the situation with both parties – however, please remember there is attorney client privilege so we cannot and will not communicate with your parents about the specifics of your case unless you give us permission to.