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Being charged with a crime is NOT the same as a conviction!

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Being arrested or charged with a crime is often a life-altering experience.  The attorney you retain to assist you can have a significant impact on where you stand after your case is resolved.  We are Washington State criminal defense attorneys and we handle all Kent Municipal Court and all King County District Court cases.

All criminal courts handled.

There aren't many things in life that compare with the difficult, complex, and often frightening experience of being arrested or charged with criminal offense.  Our Auburn criminal lawyers have decades of combined legal experience handling complex criminal defense matters throughout Washington State and the city of Kent.  Our team of King County and Kent criminal defense attorneys has over 30 years of combined criminal experience and includes both former prosecutors and former public defense.

We're here to make sure that you do not get run over the city of Kent or the King County prosecuting attorney's office.  Our Kent criminal attorneys and Washington State criminal defense lawyers are experienced and aggressive negotiators and trial attorneys.  We understand exactly what's at stake in your case.  Our Kent criminal attorneys understand that you when you have been charged with criminal offense, you are not only fight for your freedom but for your reputation as well.

We want you to understand your legal rights.

If you, or someone you care about has been arrested or charged with a crime in Kent, WA, it's critical to speak with skilled criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.  This is because many criminal cases involve evidence that can be lost or destroyed if your case is not promptly investigated and documented. 

Additionally, many Kent criminal cases also involve eyewitness testimony that can fade and the police reports may not be accurate or completely reflect what the witness actually said.  Our criminal defense attorneys aggressively defend dozens of King County and City of Kent criminal clients every year. 

We are very familiar with the Kent courts and the local King County criminal procedures.

Arrested or charged with a crime in Kent, Washington?

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If you have been recently arrested, accused, or being investigated for a crime, then you are suffering with one of the most stressful, frightening ordeals you will ever go through. We understand that you may feel ashamed, guilty, and scared for your family and future. Any arrest, whether it be a DUI arrest or a theft accusation, can result in jail, fines, and often, most importantly, leave a permanent scar on your criminal record.

Our criminal lawyers know the Kent court system and those in the surrounding areas like Renton, Auburn, Des Moines, Covington, and Maple Valley. We have the tools and experience necessary to get you through this stressful and difficult time.

It is extremely important that anyone facing a criminal charge not attempt to fight the accusations on their own. This country’s Founding Fathers drafted the Sixth Amendment, which gave us that right, for a reason. You need an experienced attorney to guide and advise you when facing such serious consequences. 

Arrested or charged with a crime in Kent, Washington?

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Our criminal defense attorneys have experience and resource to properly fight your case. Put us between you and the City of Kent or the King County prosecutor. Get the decades of criminal law experience necessary to make sure the rest of your rights are being protected.

The consequences you area facing can go beyond “just” jail and fines. You may also have to perform community service hours, attend counseling, stay away from certain people or places, give up your rights to firearms, and even lose your license.

All of these possible consequences and others can not only seriously impact your current day to day life, but can also impact your future. Often, people will have trouble finding work and even renting an apartment. With background checks so readily available, anyone can find what you have been convicted of. It is easier to keep a clean record clean rather than rehabilitate a bad record. 

Skilled and aggressive King County and City of Kent criminal defense lawyers fighting for you!

Every Kent criminal case is unique, and our attorneys take the time to thoroughly review and investigate every matter.  We are also somewhat unique in our approach to every King County and Kent criminal case because of our team approach.  As a result, you benefit for our collective experience in reviewing, negotiating, and, if necessary, trying your case before a jury.

In our experience, almost every criminal charge can be collaterally attacked on some level.  Our  number one priority is to look for any flaws in the police reports and the prosecutor's case.  this analysis begins with having a thorough understanding of Washington State's criminal laws, as well as how crimes committed in Kent are handled by the City's prosecutors and the King County prosecutors.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested or charged with a crime in the City of Kent, we invite you to call our offices for free initial consultation.  One of our Kent criminal defense attorneys will be happy to review the specific facts and circumstances of your charges, discuss your legal rights and options, and then explain how we can help.

An arrest or criminal charge is NOT a conviction.

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